Aero Research

Since 1988 ASR has been continuously involved in R&D in the field of Aeronautics and Fluid Dynamics. The company has completed a series of collaborative projects in the domain of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) of direct application to the analysis and design of advanced civil aircraft concepts.

ASR has an unrivaled record of achievement in its R&D activities, Established with an international perspective, the company has been prepared for and adapted to the requirements of international co-operation from the start.

Experience has been accumulated from the company's involvement in European co-operative R&D Programmes (ESPRIT I&II, RACE, DRIVE, AIM, COMETT II, INNOVATION).

These projects cover the following activities:

  • Validation of CFD Codes (projects EUROVAL, ECARP)
  • Validation of CFD codes for industrial application through extensive case analysis and performance assessment vs. wind tunnel data.
  • Laminar Flow Wing Technology (projects ELFIN I & II)
  • Ducted Propfan Integration (projects DUPRIN I & II)
  • Engine-Airframe Integration for Future Aircraft (projects ENIFAIR, AIRDATA)
  • High Lift Aerodynamics for Multi-Element wings (project EUROLIFT)
  • Research on Silent Aircraft Configurations (project ROSAS)
  • Guided weapon aerodynamics and rocket propulsion
  • Store separation from military aircraft in flight
  • Modelling of complex 3-D magnetohydrodynamic flows.
  • Development of in-house CFD codes (panel method)